/ˈkɒləm / (say 'koluhm)

1. Architecture
a. an upright shaft or body of greater length than thickness, usually serving as a support; a pillar.
b. a vertical architectural member consisting typically of an approximately cylindrical shaft with a base and a capital.
2. any column-like object, mass, or formation: a column of smoke.
3. Botany the upright cylindrical structure, formed by the union of stamens in an orchid.
4. Geology a geological sequence deposited through the various periods of geological time.
5. Geology a cylindrical dripstone formation formed by the union of a stalactite and a stalagmite.
6. one of the two or more vertical rows of lines of type or printed matter of a page: there are two columns on this page.
7. a perpendicular row of figures.
8. a regular contribution to a newspaper, usually signed, and consisting of comment, news, etc.
9. a journalistic department devoted to short articles, etc., of an entertaining or especially readable kind provided by a particular editor or writer with or without the aid of contributors.
10. a line of ships following one after the other.
11. a formation of troops, narrow laterally and extended from front to rear.
{Middle English columpne, from Old French, from Latin columna pillar, post}
columned /ˈkɒləmd/ (say 'koluhmd), adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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